Digital Signage makes you market leader

Generally speaking, this is the use of digital technologies by the general public or a specific group of people. Today, digital information and advertising signs (Digital Signage) are increasingly used in various industries and surround us everywhere. For example Chiefway Smart Film, they can often be seen in retail or fast food outlets. The concept of Digital Signage, based on the use of digital display facilities and software products, has successfully fit into the digitalization trend, the business needs for modern dynamic solutions that are designed to show content in a bright, easy-to-use form that attracts a wide audience. In addition, digital signs tend to fit perfectly into the design of the premises and even become its key element.

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Technological trends

Digital Signage systems include display devices, media players, connectivity infrastructure (data networks are increasingly used for this purpose), and content generation and management systems. They use to allow you delivering content over long detachments, and this procedure can be controlled flexibly The rollout of the revolution of digital signage are integration projects.

In addition to the display and content management software itself, vendor offerings may include wireless and wired video, audio, and control solutions, and remote control software.

A Digital Signage system consists of four main components:

  • Visualization (LCD, LED screen, projector)
  • Player (PC + software or specialized)
  • Switching / network / video delivery

CMS – content management system and digital signage network

A number of vendors use to offer complete Digital Signage solutions, including digital displays, media players for offline display of multimedia content, specialized servers and software for working with them and content management. Having received such an integrated solution “from one source”, there is no doubt about the performance and reliability of the entire system as a whole. The software package allows you to quickly and easily create and manage content in Digital Signage systems. More and more large projects are focused on using built-in players.

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Digital signage in retail

Experience has shown that digital signage helps retailers reach new customer groups and promote sales of new product categories. The transition to modern digital technologies allows you to bring communication with customers to a completely new level. The main task of digital signage is to engage the customer in the sales process and increase the average check due to the cross-selling of related products and promotions, information about which is shown on the screen. Full HD and UHD screens in the sales area, among other things, are designed to involve the buyer in the process of choosing goods, to increase the emotional appeal of the brand. The displays also provide customer feedback on store performance and service.

Digital Signage in Fast Food Outlets and Restaurants 

To stay competitive, restaurants happen to be changing the way they interact with customers, present products and services. Digital Signage plays an important role in this matter. This also applies to the ordering process, visual communications, and the creation of more dynamic, customer-adaptable information areas and service points.